How to Plan for a Cross Country Move

1) Make a Moving Budget: Interstate move prices can rack up. Keep your finances in check by creating a moving budget with this moving cost calculator.

2) Create a Moving Checklisit and Calendar: Plan out your housing, packing, transportation, and transition details ahead of time. If any task is time sensitive, put it on the calendar now so that nothing slips through the cracks.

3) Get Set Up Online: Leverage your laptop as much as possible while planning for an interstate move. Today, you can make housing decisions, enroll kids in school, and interview for jobs from your couch. Cut down on your travel time by establishing as much as you can online.

4) Notify the right people: The post office, DMV, government programs, family, friends, utility companies, banks, credit card companies, and service providers all need a correct address on file. Send them a quick heads up about your upcoming move.

5) Hire trustworthy help: Take a moment to make sure your hired movers are dependable. Dodge a potential moving nightmare and let us know about your upcoming move so we can set you up right.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Accross the Country?

The exact cost of your move will vary depending on several factors. Where, when, and how much stuff you’re moving will raise or lower that final dollar amount. Who you hire and what services they provide will also affect the cost of your interstate move.
Professional Moving company Prices One BR/Studio
Professional Moving company Prices 2-3 bedrooms
Professional Moving company Prices 4+ bedrooms
Moving Container company Prices One BR/Studio
Moving Container company Prices 2-3 bedrooms
Moving Container company 4+ bedrooms
Truck Rental Company prices One BR/Studio
Truck Rental Company prices 2-3 bedrooms
Truck Rental Company prices 4+ bedrooms

The moving companies that we pair you with have to have transparent pricing. Once you send us your moving details, we’ll connect you with one of the best moving companies in your area. From there, you can learn more about how much your specific move will cost so you can budget accordingly.

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